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Omega Seamaster Professional Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch

There is nothing wild about this limited edition Omega watch, and frankly that is the way I like my Omega limited edition watches. Nothing too avant garde, just a good sober looking timepiece with a nice theme. Omega is pretty much obligated to release limited edition replica watches for the Olympics. First, they are the official timekeeper for the Olympics (since 1932). Wouldn't it look silly if they didn't celebrate that fact every two years? Second, it is pretty much the type of marketing occasion you'd be an idiot to miss out on. For the 2008 Summer Olympics they released this really cool limited edition Speedmaster based watch, for 2010 it is back to the Seamaster for inspiration. The result is something impressively on par with the visuals in my mind when I think of the winter Olympics.

In 2010, you'll find Vancouver Canada overrun with Olympians, their coaches, and fans of course. For me, it will be days of background noise on TV. While the games themselves only interest me offhandedly, this fake watch is pretty special. I am not sure when it will actually be released, but it is supposed to be soon. Lets take a glance at what is special about this limited edition Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300m Vancouver 2010 fake watch (saying that out loud I swear I needed to inhale and exhale twice).

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There will be two versions of the watch. A more reasonable 41mm wide version, and a 36.25mm version that is unlikely to be bound for American shores as we don't kindly to mini men's diver's watches. Each version will be limited to, you guessed it, 2010 pieces. Inside the fake watch will be the familiar Omega Caliber 2500 automatic movement. Omega is quick to point out it features their Co-Axial escapement as this is the 10th anniversary of the complication's initial release. Like all Seamasters that this fake watch is based on, it has 300 meters of water resistance and a helium escape valve. Plus, the movement is certified as a Chronometer, so you can be sure it is pretty accurate.

Where have I seen the colors on this fake watch before? Oh yea! The Canadian flag. And funny enough the games are to be held in Canada. Omega, you old sly Fox, always referring to the host country, without explicitly doing so. Aside from a nod to the Canadian flag, the colors work really well, don't you think? I mean I think I actually prefer them over the watch's standard blue tones. The red bezel is made from anodized aluminum. I don't think that translates into a lot of scratch resistance though. The best little detail on the fake watch is end of the seconds hand that has the Olympics logo in full color. What a charming and appropriate little detail. The other end of the seconds hand is red tipped, while the hands are all rhodium plated, and coated in blue toned SuperLumiNova.

Looking on the back of the Vancouver 2010 fake watch is just what you would expect; an engraving fit for the occasion. The figure you see is unique to Canada and named Ilanaak, the symbol of the games there. It has history going back to some of Canada's native people who spoke various types of Inuit language. You'll also see reference to games location in Vancouver and of course the number of your limited edition timepiece. The best part about a fake watch like this is that you can wear it anytime and not feel silly for having a themed watched. Overall, thumbs up Omega!

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